A Left Wing Critique of Charity

One thing that many people hope will “make the world a better place” is charity.
Problems exist in the world; children are hungry, under-educated and malnourished, ecosystems are being destroyed, homeless people roam the streets and all the other myriad sub-par outcomes of our system exemplify the need for charity to come in and step up where the system failed.
Wealthy liberals who want to pat themselves on the back or conservatives who want the tax benefits gather at posh galas in Malibu and Manhattan, dressed to impress. They socialize, watch a live band, and enjoy the fancy hors d’oeuvres. They write a check, pose for Facebook pictures and go home. The world is now a better place!
This is, of course, absurd. There is a glaring reality in front of all of our faces- the elephant in the room that hardly anyone has had the insight to question:
Why is charity even needed at all? Doesn’t charity’s very existence definitively imply system failure? Isn’t charity nothing more than a reactive scrambling to help mitigate the symptoms of a greedy and unintelligent system- thereby justifying it and propping it up?
Charity is the ultimate libertarian, negative liberty concept. Ron Paul famously stated that private charities are the only moral force for the ills of society- to the horror of intelligent empaths. The State, to libertarians, is nothing more than an apparatus of defending private property physically and legally. For anything else- let game theory and the holy invisible hand figure it out. Cui bono? The oligarchs and plutocrats of course! Let them maximize profits, spew out negative externalities, and let others figure out dealing with the problems. We can’t have a State in the name of the people prevent the negative externalities in the first place, can we?
Charity is simply human empathy applied inefficiently, as it is reactive rather than proactive; symptom-based rather than system-based. This being the case, the causes of the ills themselves are hardly addressed and therefore charity justifies the belligerent hubris and stupidity of our ‘leaders’ who are responsible for our laws.
Charity in essence plays nothing more than a janitorial role- timidly following behind rampaging capitalist pigs, attempting to sweep the filth in their wake, never reigning in the pigs themselves.
Charity is at best, weak and reactive, and at worst, implicit in the crimes of the system.
The mental matrix that has been woven by the elite has provided the common person with the narrative that never questions this reality. Charity is seen as purely benign and noble, rather than a tragic symptom of system failure. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!
Here is the simple fact. Anything charities hope to address should be re-thought of as a problem the enlightened State should solve, utilizing the power of the commons, acting in the name of the General Will and the optimization of society on all levels.
Children are malnourished and falling through the cracks? Then new laws need to be passed and enforced totally revamping and implementing radical education, foster/adoption programs, communes and contraceptive services.
Homeless people roam the streets? Then new laws need to be passed and enforced totally revamping and implementing affordable housing, mental health, skills training and job placement programs.
With clarity of thought, you will have the veil lifted over your eyes and realize that we have had woefully low standards for our politicians and liberal democracy as a whole. The vision and ambition of our politicians is so anemic and lukewarm it’s pathetic (although they have plenty of personal ambition for fame, money and power!)

Instead, the system we will create will treat politics and statecraft as an ambitious project for the whole- the proactive and ambitious immanentization of a system so perfect that charity itself becomes obsolete. You don’t need charity for hungry children if there are no hungry children, and you don’t need charity for the homeless if there are no homeless people, do you?

Welcome to POSITIVE LIBERTY. Welcome to the future.


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