Declaration of Revolution

As history unfolds, it becomes ever more crucial for the citizenry to disband the social constructs that have thus far defined the relationship between citizen and state, and to take upon themselves the power entitled to them by the principles of equal opportunity and reason.

We presume it an axiom that every human being is born with the right of equal opportunities, and that everyone is due inexorable access to the development of their intellectual and civic selves by the highest standards of humanism, rationalism and the common good developed by humanity in the evolution of human thought, and that among these standards are ubiquity of dignified access to basic human needs, the concerted development of human capital among all citizens and meritorious leadership guided by the explicit methodologies of reason, logic and the scientific method.

In order to defend these priorities, Government is established whose authority originates with the approval of its citizenry. Whenever this government desists in its required functions by descending into cultures of favoring the private interests of elites over the common good of all, the people are then justified to overthrow it and to create a new system based on the philosophies of humanism and equal rights, and structured towards the end of procuring a maximally actualized citizenry by the ordering of society along perpetually increasing standards of ubiquitously accessible education and opportunity.

It is with tactful judgment that we decree that such a long-entrenched sociopolitical system needs to be utterly revolutionized for imperative and enduring principles and as such it is understood with wisdom of the human condition that the people are more likely to accept dominance of their masters than to correct the faults of the system by overthrowing them.

However, when there is an extended history of abuse and conspiracies against the people which demonstrates a tyranny of private interests over public good, and of irrationality over rationality, it is the people’s right and obligation to wrest power from the elites and ensure new defenses against the undue procurement of vast wealth and power and for the cultivation of the common good.

It is this that the people have been subjected to, and it is this that impels them to reconstruct a new system. The history of the present plutocratic oligarchy is a history of continuous oppression of humanist values and undermining of the common good, all resulting in the economic and political oppression of the people.

Let these facts demonstrate the proof of these assertions towards to elite class:

• They have denied or vehemently opposed laws progressing the common welfare and championed legislation for the inequitable privileges of their own class.
• They have wrested control of the body politic through usurpations of Republican values by secretive and private assemblies of financial elites.
• They have usurped the political process through systematic infiltration of the civic domain by domineering the legislative assemblies through bribery and blackmail.
• They have engaged in business practices in which short term profit takes precedence among all else, or have actively engaged in dismantling regulatory safegaurds for the protection of the common good. These include:
o Environmental degradation by short sighted business practices and by active lobbying for the weakening of environmental protection, including proactive attempts of manipulating public perception against facts of science towards false perceptions convenient towards the justification of ecologically catastrophic protocols.
o Degradation of food standards in which the most powerful of food corporations, pursuant to their hegemony over the populace’s food supply, have propagated massively unethical protocols in which private corporate profit is given total precedence over the quality and standards of the people’s food, resulting in widespread consumption of dangerous chemicals and genetically modified organisms harmful for consumption which increase private profit margins at the expense of public well being.
o Privatization of the prison system, which aligns the incentives of private shareholders to greater incarceration of the general populace, resulting in untold damage to the livelihood of common citizens for shareholder benefit.
o Commissioning of a privatized military force, a for-profit paramilitary wing of the military industrial complex, diminishing the sovereign responsibilities of state militaries and laying precedent for neo-feudal warfare.
o Development of a fully privatized medical system in which the incentives of shareholder profits are aligned with either unhealthy individuals or individuals who incorrectly perceive themselves to be unhealthy, demonstrating gross misalignment of public health with profiteering.
o The rigging of the financial system in which productive value is redistributed to money manipulators at the expense of the common welfare.
o The development of legislative patterns favorable to the elites financial interests, resulting in financial calamity for the people, followed by a looting of the public treasury for the continuation of this system against the behest of the people, resulting in privatized profits and socialized losses.
o Through the dismantling of social programs, employee protections, financial regulations and education systems, and through trade agreements and taxation laws overtly in the benefit of the highest echelons of wealth, they have cultivated an obscene degree of wealth inequality, and the trajectory of this inequality under current conditions is such as to expect further exacerbation to unbearable degrees.
• They have developed the infrastructure of mass surveillance towards a looming police state under secretive and pernicious auspices. They have systematized the technological means to control information and spy on the people under the false pretenses of safety, in order to fortify their future ability to preempt social movements and freedom fighters whose message may be inconvenient
• The institutionalization and continuation of reactionary, sexist, racist and divisive social politics in which traditionally oppressed populations must continue to fight for basic rights and equality of opportunities. Minorities continue to be treated as second class citizens, women still fight for equality in the workplace, LGBT’s must still lobby to gain basic rights afforded to others.
• The entrenchment of the military-industrial-complex, which has grossly aligned private profiteering with warfare, resulting in the incentivization of the elites towards continuous worldwide destruction.
• They have annexed the judicial system, up to the Supreme Court, in which reactionary and unenlightened judiciaries have interpreted the constitution for the explicit favoring of the patrician class at the expense of Republican values.
• They have rendered the military force of the state an apparatus of large financial interests independent of and secretive from the will and good of the people. They are, and have been, carrying out invasions, bombings, executions, coup d’etat’ and imprisonments without trial, implementing works of death, desolation and tyranny scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy of the head of a civilized nation.
• They have developed a separate set of privileged legal standards for their own class:
o By allowing those who are responsible for billions of dollars in damages to society to remain free and in power while those of little financial capital are jailed for extended periods for minor offences.
o By awarding the leaders of financial institutions inordinate and obscene rewards in the form of bonuses, severance pay, stock options following extraordinarily disastrous decisions detrimental to the common citizen.
o By rigging the taxation system so that the top echelons of affluence hide their vast wealth from society while the common people of modest means pay a larger share in taxes.

Throughout the implementations of these offences, those in power have been addressed by the people who courteously fought for reformations only to face scorn and brazen contempt in response. An elite class whose disposition is autocratic and self-serving is unfit for positions of leadership or power over a free people and it is hence their duty to unrepentantly defy this social order.

We have not lacked the requisite discourse in bringing these issues to the attention of our rulers. We have warned them repeatedly through petitions, protests and rallies in public discourse of their unjustifiable motions of economic, social, political and legal oppression. We have repeated to them our reverence of humanistic values and equal opportunities and of the victories of freedom fighters of our past.

The people have thus far appealed to their rulers’ sense of altruism and justice, spoken to them as common citizens and fellow humans whose empathy we had hoped to stir as to inspire them to negate their infringement of our dignified livelihoods. They have willingly and brazenly turned a blind eye to the visions of our struggles and pains, and to any sense of common decency and fraternity to the people on whose lives their decisions have so much influence. Consequently, there is no choice left to us but to accept our responsibility of wresting control of the body politic from the oppressors. Given that these usurpations of common decency coincide with systems of privilege and antipathy to the general will, it is our imperative to undermine all pillars of privilege over merit, all pillars of private interests over public good.

We, therefore, the representatives of the 99%, appealing to the enlightened values of common good, merit and Reason for the integrity of our objectives, do in the name of the People solemnly declare Revolution for the overthrow of moneyed interests, intergenerational privilege and the institutions that lend legitimacy to them. We declare their vast fortunes, overt and hidden, built upon exploitation and manipulation, illegal. We absolve all allegiances to institutions that favor the few to the many, the powerful to the weak, the privileged to the competent. We withdraw all consent of the legitimacy of power of the materially enriched and the officials who act in their favor.

We declare the beginning of a New Order of consciousness, Reason, altruism, equal opportunity and the ubiquitous and impartial maximization of potential for all.


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